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Photography and video for companies, musicians and bands

Here are some of the services we have provided. If you are stuck for ideas or cannot see something listed that you want, just call us.

Staff ball
A typical scenario is that we photograph couples, individuals and groups arriving, at tables and after dinner. We either set up a special backdrop or choose a pleasing area at the venue. We can provide prints on the night or place in a private area of the web, for people to choose their prints later. We are set up as a preferred vendor with several leading companies and are familiar at working with purchase orders and electronic invoices.

Awards ceremony
This can be similar to a staff ball, with the difference that we photograph the awards being given out. This is a fast moving part of the evening and we can provide several photographers if necessary.

Team building
This is open ended, ranging from a formal group photograph to live action shots of team activities. For group photos we can do large groups in one normal photo, or a panorama (like an old school photo) print 1-2 metres long.

Executive photos
Busy executives do not have time to go out to a studio – so we come to you. A typical management team will need dozens of passport photos for international travel. All executives must have a flattering image on their web site. Management teams also like to present a web friendly face. We can put together a package to cover all of this and to keep your corporate photo portfolio up to date.

Other events
We have covered various events from ground breaking ceremonies to corporate visits.

Bands and musicians
Every band or musician needs excellent PR images for the web, CD or DVD cover and other printed publicity material. We have photographed and filmed bands at festivals and in our studio. Call us for a price for a promotional package.