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“The album and prints are wonderful” – Nicola (family portraits, album and prints)


Portrait photography – don’t lose those memories

Until the start of the 21st century people took photographs and had them printed. Many people have drawers stuffed with old photos, or albums with prints of family holidays and children growing up.

These days people take photos on mobile phones and store them on a PC, a phone, a CD – until they get lost. Welcome to the century of the lost image.

What wouldn’t you give for a beautiful album to keep those memories safe forever?

The starting point is to come to our studio for a fun session where we can capture loads of striking images. Afterwards you can see the results in our viewing gallery or on the web, and order prints, albums and frames as you wish. One very popular option is to have a selection of photos from one or more studio session blended into a storybook Graphistudio album – a wonderful coffee table book to be admired, shared and kept. We can also come to your house to shoot if it is more convenient.

Prices for a full studio shoot with framed print start at £100. Prints are available for as little as £5. Use the form below to request an appointment or more details, or call us.

Passport photos

The latest regulations make it tricky to get things right. Many people come to us because they have already travelled somewhere else and had their passport application rejected because the photo was technically incorrect. Many people just do not like sitting in the middle of a shop and being watched by others while their photo is taken. With us you can park outside the front door, there is no rush, and we’ll make you feel at ease before we start.

We have handled many tricky situations that have caused problems elsewhere. We are very patient with babies and have taken passport photos for babies only a few weeks old. We take the photo and print it while you relax in our studio. You can choose the image you prefer before we print and we provide multiple copies. The price is £20, with a considerable reduction for more than one person at the same sitting. Call us for an appointment.

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Family portrait photography

People are once again starting to appreciate the value of the old fashioned family portrait sitting. There is nothing to beat a properly posed and lit portrait session. Two styles are popular:

  • Traditional. We have a wonderful setting for traditional photographs. With plenty of space for large groups we can set you amidst old surroundings and antique furniture. This will give a timeless quality to your colour or black and white photograph.
  • Contemporary. For families and young children especially, a contemporary style shot against a white background is very popular. We encourage a modern, fresh style, with lots of movement. The finished and framed, bright and light prints are stunning.

A typical studio sitting lasts about an hour. Following this we invite you back for a viewing session when you can choose your prints and frames. The photos will also be put onto a private web area so that you and your family can order additional prints later.

Baby and child photography
Babies and toddlers change by the week. Everyone takes hundreds of snaps of their child growing up, but there is rarely the chance for you to stand back and take a professional portrait. And even if you do freeze that special moment in time, would’t it be great to have a series of professional images to show your child’s progression through the years?

Our baby and child photography service is designed to provide you with a series of stunning photographs through your child’s early years. We can schedule one annual session or several, to suit you. We can start with several studio sittings in the first two years, when appearances change so fast, and then change to one a year. We’ll keep track of the reminders if you want us to.

A typical studio sitting
Babies don’t normally perform to order, so we have to work with them. We generally shoot in our studio, because there is plenty of room to crawl around, but we can shoot at your home if you prefer. We have lots of children’s toys to keep them occupied, but it is always a good idea to bring a favourite toy to keep them happy. We do what we can to get the child relaxed and happy. Sometimes this means that we have several small shoots with breaks in between.

We use studio flash lights to get a perfect lighting set-up and allow baby to play in a clean environment, but we can take outside shots o natural light shots in our house or yours.

Choosing your prints
From a typical studio sitting we’ll have around 100 images to show. The best way to see these and to visualise what they may look like as framed prints, is in our viewing room. We show you the full set of images on a large screen. You can quickly narrow these down to your favourite few.

Frames and prints
Following the viewing you can order prints or frames. Prints will be ready in a few days, while frames will be delivered to you within three weeks. All images are carefully processed by hand. Prints are produced in a professional laboratory and the frames and prints are hand assembled.

A really popular choice is to have an album of lots of the images from one or more studio sessions. What about having an album a year for each of your children’s formative years? What a great memory to look back on.

Call us now for your first appointment.